The hilarious makeup transformation goes viral!

I’m sure you don’t live in a rock not knowing this ever famous viral thing going on Instagram and Facebook!  I initially saw this just last week as I scan and swipe my phone out of boredom. I’m pretty getting tired of seeing selfies from random people and this #makeuptransformation thing  is a  fresh sight for me.  If you’re pissed on someone or you’re boiling mad, the photos you’ll see will just make you roll over holding your tummy and laughing millions.


These are my famous picks.



Nikka Guevarra xx Angeline Quinto

My friend Nikka looks so much like Angeline Quinto. This was made by our common friend that’s why she was not really prepping up on these photos. But look how similar they are you agree?


Janet Napoles


Deniece Cornejo


Mr Bean


Paolo Bediones 

This is really hilarious! He even copied the angle.  bwahahaha.


Roxy Dela Rosa xx Allison Harvard

Pretty face and cute pout. They look so much alike!

And the best three  makeup transformation so far, which resulted a stomach cramp, an ache in my jaw, and endless laughing to the point of exhaustion….


Our co contributor for WIM Bogart The Explorer from Davao City xx  Brad Pitt




The famous chocolate roll. Lol!

This is the most talked about in social media. I could create my own but the best I can do is a mocha roll like the picture above! haha.

Create your own and I think there’s a contest or challenge that goes with this #makeuptransformation thing. I might have seen it on Instagram I’m not sure.

It’s pretty easy, take a photo of you in three angles, and look for your celebrity look alike, or anyone who is famous whether on TV or the Internet!

Put a hashtag #makeuptransformation. Your photos will become viral and get hyped by the number of likes and shares.


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