Zen Nutrients Air Freshener and Disinfectant: Making my room smells of oranges.

A lot of thanks to Rags2Riches Inc.  for including this product as a gift. I’ve been using Downy as room freshener for months now. I know it’s a bit weird why I chose to use Downy instead of other room fresheners out there. Simple but acceptable reason is I love the smell of their new perfume collection, and not to mention the scent really gets to the fabric of our bed covers and pillows. I dilute the Downy into a spray bottle and just spray it all over the room. My kids hate the overpowering smell but I personally like it. Totally addicted to it you’d say, particularly the black one.

Since I have this product, I now have the excuse to give my precious Downy a rest and might as well try a different brand instead.




 Zen Nutrients Air Freshener

A little spray of this is enough to make your room smell of oranges. I just have to be careful with spraying and make sure that my kids are not in the room when doing so. The scent stays for about a few minutes  but if you want to retain the scent longer, try spritzing it on your curtains instead.


  • purifies and freshens indoor air.
  • helps to neutralize car, comfort room and kitchen odor.


ZEN NUTRIENTS is an all organic VCO based line of products that is all natural and affordable.

You may check out their page ZEN NUTRIENTS


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