Loreal Paris Lucent Magique Highlighter Pen

Remember the post I published for Lucente Magique foundation? This is the highlighter pen that comes with it. To be honest I seldom use this thing only because the color doesn’t suit my complexion. When I applied the foundation and use this to add a bit of touch up and hide any traces of blemishes,  the color of the highlighter contradicts the color of my complexion, only creating dry patches on my face.



Loreal Lucente Magique highlighter pen


There are factors I love about this product though, it’s very lightweight and easy to apply. Glides on smoothly with the help of the brush.  It also gives you the right amount of the liquid by twisting the cap at the bottom and a bit of the product leaks out of the brush allowing you to use an ample amount of it on the areas you want to cover.

For tanned skin like me, you can still use this but make it minimal. Also make sure that you blend it evenly with a use of a blending brush just to make sure you achieve that flawless look, covering enough spots you’d want to cover.

I’m still using it though for areas like under-eye blemishes since  i’m always up all night and I never get enough sleep.

I just love mornings like this. I always feel like I own the world and my companions are these cute birds chirping away and gazing at me through my window. I envy their freedom. I sometimes wish that my life is as simple as these birds. Only finding food and a nest to survive.

Hope your day is as good as mine.


Cheryl aka Anoushka


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