A fascination with anything art

I know I’m a bit too old for wanting to discover my talents in drawing or anything related to art. Sadly, I am not gifted with light hands and creative imagination to make me shine. I’ve never had a decent looking drawing in my entire existence! Pathetic drawings of stick figured people holding hands are my masterpiece. Other than that, I have a few clay moldings that are made of Play Doh (which I tried baking under the sun looking like small colorful rocks because I cannot create flowers from it.) I so desperately want to belong in the art world. My biggest dream is to be a fashion designer but heck, can I become one without even knowing how to stitch a hole? nor trying to draw a pretty dress but the best I can do is a silly looking dress like this one.


Now can you really say there’s hope for me? LOL.

But you know what? I am proud to say that my kids are born with talents when it comes to drawings. I am amazed with my eldest daughter Zoey because she’s born with a creative mind and can draw really well. Thankfully they got their talents through their dad.

I’m a proud mom so here are a few of their drawings which always puts a smile on my face whenever I see them.




butty but but

Wiggle Wiggle xx Zo

kulangot savy

nose bleeding vampire xx Zo


Beware the lightning! xx Savannah

haunted mansion

Haunted hotel xx Zo


Surprise drawing for their lola xx Zo

new piatos

The new Piatos look xx Zo

mone money money money money money

A hostage comic strip xx Zo

salfie at volcano

Selfie near a volcano xx Savannah


The new IPAD xx  Savannah


The best poop xx Zo

rocket warning

Warning! Rocket Landing xx Zo

the toilet curse

The curse of the mummy xx Zo


stars and lightning xx Zo


Time is gold for this ant xx Zo

selfie at volcano

eyeball soup anyone? xx Zo

vice ganda and horse

Boom Panes! xx Zo

Aren’t they adorable? I swear I was really laughing just by looking at them. I even created an album just for these work of art.

To cut this short, I was inspired by my kids to try out learning how to draw, and learning how to be creative. I saw this book that made me want to try awakening my artistic side, if there is such a thing in me. Haha.


2014-08-13 12.23.14 1

The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith gives a delightful approach to creativity and community art. I love the illustrations and the layout. It suddenly gives me this spark of hope to explore that creativity in me that’s been long sleeping elsewhere!  The book teaches you a lot of things like how to create your own stamp, how to make your own stickers, how to make a Diorama, and other things a  free-spirited artist can do who wants to make a change and share it to the world.

When you say Guerilla Art, it means it’s a way of showing your talents and visions to the world through art making. Mostly these work of art are being left on the streets or in public places anonymously,  to make a statement, to share ideas and mostly just for fun. Think graffiti, which is somehow a form of a Guerilla Art. This is a perfect way to share whatever you have through the world.

For the artsy-fartsy out there, you may check out Keri Smith’s website  here

I am going to start being creative, like RIGHT NOW!


Cheryl aka Anoushka


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