Tokyo EDM Invasion: Japanese DJs aren’t bad.

I got used to American and UK based DJs playing here in the Philippines during big events. It was my first time to hear a Japanese DJ play live and I noticed they re big on dubstep and trance with a twist if their own genre and liking. Dubsteps are not often played here and is considered  rare in our country’s dance music world. Dubstep is composed of 2 step beats with deep rumbling bass lines. Drum beats are distinct with a combination of house and minimal techno. We heard one Japanese DJ played full round of happy hardcore trance that requires you to have the full energy for you to be able to dance along the beat. A lot of rising rhythm and then would bounce back to fast paced. It has a lot of variations and totally hard to dance with. That’s just me but I think I can speak for the others too coz most of the people there were just swaying without a sense of direction haha. There’s a lot of annoying kids too who keep on shouting and jumping up and down like it’s their  first time to go out on a party. It’s pretty crazy out there I tell you.



First time I heard these two ladies as well. They played mainstream house and your usual favorites. Filipinos have similar taste when it comes to EDM. As you know, it has evolved and some really appreciates it.





This Japanese guy played his drums well


There’s a  a bit of performance from two artist named Curse And Bless and then followed by the Japanese DJs Dauro, Ayumi and Isubee and for the finale DJ Dantz.


I don’t have enough photos because we were really not prepared for this.

‘ll hit the sack.




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