Skin O2 Lipstick in Demure Kiss

Are you a fan of nude lips? Think Jlo, Rihanna, Paris Hilton and let’s include Blake Lively and Halle Berry. These gorgeous ladies just love to pucker up in front of the cam and flaunt their luscious lips that are meant to die for. Personally, I’m quite choosy when it comes to nudes, because not all shades suits me. I’d like to try it first over the counter with the help of a makeup sales person before making a purchase.

But great thing I got this lipstick that would change my point of view when it comes to nudes.


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Skin O2. Love Nature. Love Science. Love Results.

Skin O2 is originally created for Dr Atia’s own cosmetic patients’ skin concerns, to meet the needs of skin problems such as:  acne, rosacea, redness and skin sensitivity, to anti-aging concerns.  These conditions were most often created from patients using toxic, skin sensitising or comedogenic (pore clogging) makeup and skincare prevalent in the mass cosmetic market.  Millions of patients started contacting Dr Atia once word spread, including well known TV stars and models who were suffering from pore clogging makeup that is renowned in the industry.  Dr Atia’s Skin O2 industry cult brand soon spread by sheer word of mouth as skin lovers shared the love, which forced the rapid expansion to leading skin clinics Australia wide.

It’s great to know that there’s a makeup brand that would give you the best assurance when it comes to your skin. You cannot just choose a lipstick only because the brand is famous or you just love the packaging. One thing you need to know before really purchasing one is, check the ingredients, second, give it a road test! And finally, check your budget.

Skin O2 is an Australian brand makeup  tested and created by Dr Atria who has formulated his own medical skincare. The products are mostly being used by Australian models and celebrities alike. Products are very mild and guaranteed to help cure other skin problems.

This lippie is perfect for me since I mostly often have chapped lips during the summer. That’s why I prefer carrying a lip balm with me rather than bringing several shades of lipstick on my purse. This nude shade is not too light. If you’re morena like me, you may swipe on a tinted balm first and follow it up with this one. I cannot put this alone for my lips would only look too pale without the vibrancy.

I’m honestly not sure if this is available here in the Philippines but this one is available in Singapore.


You may check out their website SKIN O2


Time to be keen on what we’re actually purchasing, especially with beauty products.


Om Shanti.



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