Apple Super Lash Mascara: A steal for 3 dollars!

I have been raving about this mascara mainly because of it’s standard performance and the cheap price that goes with it. The thing is, we don’t sell this here in the Philippines. I got this as a gift from one of my friends who just came from  El Paso to visit our country. .  The first time I tried this mascara was when my Mexican friend brought this with her when she visited the Philippines for a business trip.  She’s a hoarder too when it comes to beauty products and since she brought a lot of stuff with her, she gave me this same Mascara as I have now.


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Very basic packaging

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The thing I noticed about this mascara is the wand. Too thick and too stiff, unlike some other brushes from mascaras I’ve tried. Initially when I uncapped it, I had the notion that this was one of those cheap mascaras you buy from your local supermarkets or drugstores.  Pretty judgmental you’d say. Still, I gave the product a chance and tried it, with the help of my friend coaxing me to try because she loved how her lashes looked 3 times thicker than her original lash texture. After about three times swiping them on my own thin lash, I must say that my eyes looked more fluttery than before. I can bat my lashes flirtatiously!

And because I loved the product, when my other friend told me she’ll be visiting our country for a vacay, I asked her to buy me this Apple Super Lash mascara. She was also familiar with it and in fact,  she said that if she’s  on a tight budget, she would always go to a nearest drugstore and buy this thing. I guess this product is pretty popular for the average American teen living in the US. By the way, this brand is originally made from Mexico. The one I got is an Avocado. It had 14 different types I think from what I gather. I also read a few reviews from Makeup Alley to check if it’s safe to use. So far, my lashes are still pretty intact.

To give you a better idea on this product, I can perhaps compare it with the Maybeline Great Lash waterproof mascara when it comes to the volume.  But this one is not waterproof, and sometimes if you put too much, it cakes up a bit.

But it’s a steal for only 3 dollars, around 135.00 pesos when converted. Not bad considering the performance it gives.

As soon as I’m finished with this tube, I think I’d love to buy another one. I’ll look it up at  Ebay or any online store and hoping I’d score one.

I got new makeups to try. Stay stuck on my blog.




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