Desperation: Bone Chilling Novel and Movie

At times when I want to scare myself silly, I always read Stephen King. No other author can make me fidget and make my heart  beat a notch. Scanning my books from my bookshelf, I chose to read The Desperation. I bought the book from a discount bookstore and it smelled of dust and cobwebs, a very pleasant odor when it comes to old books. I have this habit of smelling a book, whether it’s old or new. I’m weird that way.


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Gosh! Tak.

It’s the kind of story that would certainly stick on your mind til you get ready for bed and sleep. The book is pretty thick. But when you’re into it you wouldn’t notice you’re almost done.

This is one hell of a twisted novel about a Deputy of a mining town In Highway 50, Desperation, Nevada (a town littered with insects, streets covered in animal hides, and not a soul in sight)  named Collie Entragian, who was possessed by an evil spirit called Tak. This totally creepy guy loves fooling tourist or passersby, fabricating a crime they didn’t commit, or saving a family from a gunman which is non existent. After which, he would let the people ride in his patrol car and bring them in prison located at the isolated and abandoned town of Desperation.

His purpose is to find a host for Tak to keep itself alive. You know the gist. Captives try to plot against him and  free themselves to save their lives. Scene is very disturbing. A deserted town, dead people sprawled in front of a house and you’ll hear coyotes howling.  It will make your heart race, working with your imagination. You anticipate what will happen as you flip through the next chapter.

One character that makes up for the brilliant story is the kid named David, who receives a message from God giving him signs through an apparition of his dead sister, who were also killed by Entragian. He was able to free all the captives by using a bar of soap and killing the coyote who guard the prison cell. The story progressed into a run and chase scenario. Stumbling on an abandoned theater, and eventually coming up a plan to kill Tak.

It’s a typical small town novel and that’s what I love about Stephen King’s brilliant imagination. Realistically,  ghost occurrences and weird killings often happen in small towns, far away from the city. He builds his characters around these lost forgotten towns, the usual group of kids camping, looking for some fun that involves booze, drugs and sex. Next thing you know, it’s a scream party, killing spree,and gore.  Your typical American horror story.

It’s a very visual novel and I can easily picture out the characters without watching the film. A book intended to give you the chills.

By the way, surprisingly, we have a VCD of it too!

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I was able to finish this book in 2 days. And then I watched the movie version. I prefer the book, as always.

Have you read my previous blog post about our Ghost Tour?  Have you also watched the video? I suggest you do so you can see for yourself, without actually visiting the place, if you’re a chicken that way!




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