A memorable Ghost Tour Adventure

I’ve had a lot of creepy stories to share and some of which were stories told by my grandmother and relatives when I was a kid. I had my fair share of spine-tingling moments as well and most of them I ignore and thought of as just one of my hallucinations.  My dad passed away 14 years ago and until now, I still feel his presence and he often visits me in my dreams. I’m a scaredy cat by nature and I can’t sleep without a blanket covering me from head to toe. The weird thing about me is  even though I’m scared as hell, I have this passion and interest with the paranormal and witchcraft, or anything that delves in magic and the supernaturaL.  I have this book when I was a teenager that’s all about Witchcraft and the Occult.  I tried performing the rituals in it but my mom found out about it and burned the book. That doesn’t stop there, even after losing the book, I bought another one and hid it from her. The only problem  that time is that some of the rituals are hard to perform, especially if you lack the materials and knowledge. I guess you could say I’m just messing with it and trying to become like one of the characters in the movie The Craft.

As I grew up, I became interested with these things. Curiosity is my dominant quality, so whenever I want to  find out and learn about something, I do research and buy books about the said stuff.  I even collect DVDs of horror movies and TV series. My ever favorite is The Ghost Whisperer.

Last Friday was one of my memorable days that’s worth keeping in my journal. I’m very thankful that I joined this ghost tour adventure with the other bloggers or else I’m just gonna have another boring week. We were invited to do some ghost exploring with the Paranormal Investigators, which they call themselves Profilers of The Unknown. If you’re a fan of ghost stories and if you love watching features of ghosts every Halloween  from our reliable TV channels, then you would perhaps recognize this team. They were already featured at Jessica Soho on Channel 7 and they have solved many cases of hauntings.

I’ll start to show you how creepy this experience was. Originally we were told we weren’t  allowed to take photos of the place so I only brought my cell phone with me.




Are you ready to enter?



The house was built during the 1980’s with a 19000 square meters lot area. The mansion was built like a castle and some parts of the mansion were made of graveyard stones.  The owner of the house told us that the land used to be a dumping site for salvaged victims. For some odd reason accidents occur near the vicinity, may it be outside the road, or just outside their backyard. There are even suicides being reported that occur near the area. It’s like the house serves as a portal for other dimensions. Upon entering the house, you would see two mirrors facing each other. As you know, mirrors are gateways to the supernatural. So I suggest don’t mess with a mirror and play dumb games like standing in front of it and saying “Bloody Mary” three times because you may not know what’s going to appear in front of you!


We explored the Mansion starting with the office of the owner. We didn’t go inside but just peeked in. We saw a collection of owls, a few paintings and other antique figures. We didn’t feel any presence probably because we never really entered the room. Most of the time ghosts are shy to appear especially to a huge group of people.

Next is the Chapel. I do not have a photo of it because my heart is pounding really fast and I was too busy observing the place. The chapel is really scary. Imagine you’re there and you’re praying, and when you look beside you there’s a black lady praying along with you. Freaky right? That’s what’s been running on my mind  that time. I was busy imagining all sorts of scenarios and scaring myself.


Then we move on towards the Game room. This is one part of the mansion where a haunting  always takes place. They often hear voices, moans and footsteps. In fact, while we stayed there for a couple of minutes, we heard a woman’s breathing. This was when there was a lull with our conversation and suddenly we heard it. Like it’s wanting to let us know of her presence. I swear I felt all my hairs stood on end!




Bar area

The Game Room had a billiard at the center, and  when you look up you would see Taxidermy species  like deer,, lion and tiger that serves as hunting trophies displayed. On the right side is the bar and upstairs is one of the attics which stood empty, only holding a few old office tables and chairs. Some of the floorboards are old and we had to be careful with our steps to avoid accidents. Despite the eerie feel of the room, I can’t help but be impressed with it. To be honest, it’s my kind of house. As you know I also love antiques and vintage pieces but I just don’t have the money to collect because its way expensive. I only have those which were salvaged from relatives and mostly vintage pieces, not the antique ones.


Next we explored is the kitchen.This area smelled of mold, dust and something like cooked fish that’s been left over for centuries. It’s obvious this area is seldom being used. I adore the pots and pans hanging above the prep area. It’s quite sad how this part of the mansion felt abandoned. My imagination kicked in and I envisioned family members preparing something special for certain occasions like Christmas or New Year.















The Terrace






The Living Room





They say that the owl symbolizes the occult


I cannot fathom this painting.



12:00 am is better than 3:00 am

My migraine started when we entered the second attic, which was located at the right side of the mansion. This attic was so huge there’s even a basketball court in it. Some of the bloggers heard little footsteps running. I was not able to hear it because I suddenly felt like I’m about to throw up and the pounding of my migraine is making me feel nauseous. There was a part of the attic where we felt eerie vibrations, the part where there was a little window and a lamp hanging in the middle of it’s ceiling.





This lamp suddenly swings by itself with all the windows tightly shut.

The feeling lasted until we were outside the mansion. I felt better after leaving the said place. It could be a lot of things, because of course you cannot just jump into conclusions blaming it all on the supernatural. It could be that I lacked sleep during that time, or perhaps I’m just hungry and I’m losing my energy because of it. It could also be the fact that the place is not well ventilated resulting to my discomfort.

We also checked other parts of the mansion like the garden. I only took a photo of the entrance since I felt the need to sit down first and just observe. I didn’t go outside like the others.

You may wanna see this picture I took which gave me goosebumps while I’m editing these photos.


This was supposed to be the last  photo I took from the entrance to the garden

And this next picture  I captured was the one that gave me the creeps.


This was the original photo I took. I noticed the figure standing in front of the camera but I still have doubts if this is an authentic ghost apparition or not. So  to validate if it’s real or not, I asked our experts to analyze the photo.


This was the edited version of Mr JR Rodriguez IV.

(Profilers of the Unknown) As per Mr JR Rodriguez IV:

“Yes, I believe in motion, mainly because of the arc on the top of the pic. Pero two things stand out, first is if in motion, then why is the figure not in motion, second is why is the line on the left side not in motion. and the motion of the arc is from side to side, the figure is up and down, which is impossible to do in one exposure and not affect the other half. Kaya if in motion, all the more it is authentic.

Check the circled  figure, this is what made me freak out. At first glance, I thought that there was this misty figure in the middle of the photo, like an image of a child who suddenly appeared in front of my view. I pretty much ignored the figure on the background because I assumed it’s just one of the bloggers blocking the garden’s entrance or something. But turns out the figure I’m assuming as ghost was just an effect of the camera. The image I circled  looks like a phantom dressed in green cargo pants and checkered shirt or jacket.

People  may be skeptic about this stuff , some of which prefer using scientific methodology, and accepting the reality of this occurrences for them can be a waste of time and energy. A lot of experts have created a wide range of possibilities to explain the unexplainable. It takes an open mind to fully understand what we don’t see or feel. I believe we’re  not the only beings here in this world and we can easily prove their existence, that’s why we have a team of experts who are educated and fully equipped to prove such phenomenon.

We have The Profilers of The Unknown, they are a team of open-minded, experienced and skilled ghost hunters, paranormal investigators and consultants, who were drawn together by a common interest — to explore the paranormal, understand it well and share  knowledge with others. What makes them  different is that they are made up of people who are experts in certain fields that are essential in paranormal investigation.

With the use of high-tech gadgets, inexpensive tools, logic and high analytical skills, they can validate if a paranormal activity is authentic or not. They can explain the possible causes of it and offer solutions on how it can be dealt with.

If you are being bothered by Paranormal activities, Profilers of the Unknown can conduct an investigation for you.


Jade Martin-Founder and Team leader.

Anton Abrille-Tech Manager, Audio and Video Consultant

Len Tolentino-Executive Secretary

JR Rodriguez IV-Photo Consultant

Kitt Co-Researcher

Rovie Dela Cruz-Media Relations Officer

Rev. Ricky Alcantara-Exorcist




You may visit their website Profilers of the Unknown

and you may also like their Facebook page


Here’s a video -The Haunted Mansion.


2 thoughts on “A memorable Ghost Tour Adventure

  1. Our ancestral house is a peculiar place too. I grew up there and had tons of ‘weird’ encounters. And I wasn’t alone. My uncle reports seeing/hearing figures and my husband has had his share of frights.

  2. Thanks for visitng my blog. Its usual for old houses to have such beings. I guess its pretty safe if its just residual haunting. But if the entities starts bothering the people living in the house then I guess its time to seek help from the experts. Sabi nga nila swerte daw pag may mumo sa house because there are some daw na nagbibigay ng swerte. I dunno if thats even true haha.

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