Vikings Luxury Buffet: New Southeast Asian menu

This is literally what I call “pig out”. And when you want to give justice to the word itself, you should enjoy it with someone who totally appreciates food, someone who doesn’t care about their figure, and someone who’s living life while their young.  When you feel like you want to make the most of your money on excellent and very delicious, extraordinary food, your best option is dine at an all you can eat restaurant! Perfect choice for this is of course, Vikings Luxury Buffet.


I got very lucky to try out their new Southeast Asian menu, which will be served every weekend for the month of August this year. The menu consists mainly of street food from Southeast Asia. But I particularly got excited with the Indian food!

My foodgasm now activated! Here’s what we had yesterday, cooked with love from our Vikings talented chefs!





Laksa shrimps, Vermicelli and Bean Sprout soup

Did you know that Laksa in Sanskrit |Laksha” means One hundred Thousand?  Well, I think it’s got a lot of meanings but I veer to the Indian culture so hearing this word gave me some sort of recollection about a few Sanskrit words I knew. I could perhaps describe this soup as” having One hundred Thousand kicks” mainly because of the flavorful brilliant ingredients all thrown in a bowl. The soup is very delicious, with the hint of spiciness in it and  not too oily.



Indian appetizers


A trio of Indian Samosa, Falafel in Pita and Tandoorie Chicken Terrine  with a

Licama, Mango and Coriander salad

with Lemon Vinaigrette.

I looove Indian food. So the Indian appetizers rock! I love the exact spiciness, the flavorful sauces that goes with it. The apple of my eye for this one is the Mango and Coriander Salad—sweet and with a hint of saltiness coming from the Chicken Terrine. Amazing combination!




Lamb Shank Rendang with Hainanese Chicken rice and Potato Bhajis, served with a cucumber,

Pepper and Pomelo Relish.

This one blew my mind! I literally float after consuming this humongous serving (it’s humongous for me ). At first glance you would think you can gobble it in one sitting, but I was wrong. Picked up my knife, started slicing the juicy meat and because of the softness of it, it fell right out of the bone! I was hesitant to try it  since I just came out  from being a vegetarian and looking at the meat kind of scares me at first. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve tried eating a lamb,  so pardon me if this was my reaction.  After religiously slicing the meat, I tried one slab first, and you know what? I swear I am going to kiss whoever made this recipe. It was just that delicious!  Now I understand why there are a lot of females falling in love with a chef. If your husband can cook like this, you wouldn’t think of diet. Having a delicious meal everyday plus great romancing is enough and you’re in heaven!


Sate Udang and Kampot Squid

Because I just made a relationship with the Lamb Shank Rendang, I have to say that this second dish is my love affair. After about a few minutes of rest from the foodgasm I felt with my first love, I gave the Kampot Squid a chance to prove itself. I took a bite of the juicy squid, chewed for a few minutes, and I must say this is the best squid I’ve ever tasted in my entire existence. No exaggeration. It has its grilled taste, soft squid meat inside, which at first I thought was stuffed with a different meat like pork or chicken. Squid is not rubbery, like other squids that made you chew endlessly like bubble gum.

As for the Sate Udang, I should really apologize because I just took a teensy bite of it. My stomach feels like it’s going to burst!

Thinking I had just finished the main course, I took a rest and stare in space for a few minutes. That’s how I am after eating a heavy meal. You won’t be able to talk to me. I’m totally spaced out and my mind is floating elsewhere.

Then, I totally forgot about the other dish that’s right beside my plate.


Indonesian Mee Goreng

Whoah! I thought “this looks like Italian spaghetti” , and because I have to try everything, I forked a few strands and tasted it, and found out it’s actually fried noodles.  This would rock my world if it’s more spicy, if it sort of tingles and burns my throat.



Sampler plate of Southeast Asian sweets

My day won’t be complete without desserts! I tried each of these and all of them passed my evaluation. Not overwhelmingly sweet.


Waffles in a stick and Tamarind syrup

I’m a sucker for waffles and pancakes. So I feasted on this one. Got myself three sticks and didn’t care if I’ll get deadly stares from the others.  I love the taste of the syrup, like a coconut jam though I can’t distinguish the tamarind taste. This one is pretty easy to make at home.


Ice Kachang

Ice Kachang is like a Halo Halo, but less ice. It’s not too sweet as well compared to our traditional Halo Halo that’s drowning in milk. What I love about this is the red beans, the soft green jelly cubes and how the ice melted in your mouth.

By the way, let me introduce the Chefs behind these delectable menu.



This weekend, eat like a viking and head on at Vikings Luxury Buffet and experience a one of a kind dining. Vikings is not just your ordinary buffet. Being adventurous when it comes to food is a must. They offer a wide selection of dishes from European to Asian to American.

Vikings Luxury Buffet

By the Bay, SM Mall of Asia

Bldg. B, By the Bay, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

846-3888, 846-4888, 846-5888

Check their website here

Like them on Facebook


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