Orange Lemon Juice




Top given by a friend from Baguio. Shorts, People are People. Bag, Nine West.Flats, random find from tiangge.


My Polyvore sets

Summer still lingers despite the rainy season. I’m warm blooded and I prefer to dress in my most comfortable clothes rather than covering and layering myself with sweaters, jackets, turtlenecks and trench coats.  But if it’s badly needed, I would don just a simple sweater warm enough to cover my arms. I live in a tropical country and wearing something like  shorts and a tank top  everyday is NORMAL. This outfit was worn last weekend when we went to Alabang Town Center with my family. It didn’t rain during that time so I ended up wearing this orange top given to me by my friend who lives in Baguio. It’s a see-through and quite a bit long at the back and a bit cropped in front. Not sure if I described that correctly. This sandals I’m wearing on this picture caught my attention when I went grocery shopping one day in our area. I bought this in a little tiangge and It’s love at first glance because of it’s bright colors. A steal for only 190.00 pesos. Very summer-ish don’t you think?

How was your day so far?  I don’t have much updates with me except the fact that I’m now a bit addicted to the Virtual DJ installed in my PC. I don’t know how the thing works but I’m playing around with it and watching a few You Tube videos to learn the basics.

I will be  back with my meditation studies  I have finished the course a long time ago but continuous learning is a must. I got sidetracked again and the results were not good. Wish me luck!



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