Bed Weather

It’s the rainy season here in our country. But despite the gloomy weather, I still can’t let go of summer outfits and here I am sporting one. I feel very lazy today so I decided to wear something quite comfortable, instead of the usual sweater and pants.




Basic tank top from Forever21 and cut off jeans, DIY


I got his head spinning. No kidding. This cut off shorts did all the trick!



Polyvore sets


How would you feel if someone you love dedicated one of your favorite songs to someone else? It’s BS right? but then again, you tell yourself, it’s just a song, as long as he’s chained right at your bedpost he’s still all yours.

Men.Men.Men. Always complicated. If you threaten them about leaving them, they’ll beg like a stupid puppy and ask for your forgiveness, promising they’ll be a good boy and shower you with all those roses and chocolates. I play mind games. So I don’t think pulling up a stunt like that would make me believe such crap. I may tell you I believe you, and will forgive you. But this smart bitch is out for the kill. You won’t ever ever find out what’s on my mind. You may think you won, but the last laugh is all mine.

Wonder why I’m like this? I confess I have been skipping meditation for almost a month now. See the results? Anyways, I should be back on track in no time. I just need to let it all out or else I will definitely burst like hell.

Sincerely yours,



I’m too comfortable to share this stuff with you guys, probably because I’m writing this with the influence of alcohol.

Let’s have a TOAST!



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