Smile Away, It’s a new Day



Aeropostale shirt, Cotton On sneakers





Polyvore sets


It’s been a while. Here I am fighting my battles and I’m still alive and breathing fresh air in Tagaytay. Time flies so fast and next thing you know, this blog of mine is nearing 4 years! If you’re going to ask me why until now I still don’t have my own domain, well I think because I haven’t given any serious thought about it. Maybe because I’m the type who doesn’t really care whether I earn from blogging, or whether I gather thousands of traffic in a day. I’m a pretty simple blogger, random I guess. But of course if it’s badly needed already, then you would just see the changes.

I miss writing! Again, my old lame excuse of being busy for the past few months totally suck I know. But what can I say? I’m just really stating a fact. Been busy with work, household chores and mommy duties.

A lot has happened over the past few months. Some of which are really too painful to share. Too personal for your own taste. As much as possible, I want  good vibes here in my blog. It’s understandable how there’s always a moment of highs and lows. And I admit it’s one of the reasons why I’ve been on a blogging hiatus. I’m too busy fixing problems as well.


Well anyways, I’ll make this blog post short and sweet.


I thank you (readers) for still reading and visiting from time to time.


Love Anoushka





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