Blood is thicker than Water

We seldom spend time together because of our own busy lives. We have come to realize the value of family, though we were not the types who show emotions. We are not a fan of cheesy moments.



Chazel and Chester

I had the chance to bond with these two last month coz of my sister’s graduation at UP Los Banos.

I was the black sheep of the family. I’m used to getting what I want so these two poor kids have been “slaves” till they reached adolescent. I don’t intend to spill the juicy beans of my early childhood because it is just too bitter sounding and I want to spare you with all that.

There’s really no such thing called a PERFECT LIFE but the important thing is that as you grow older, you get to learn and value those people around you, even those who have hurt you from the past. You learn to forgive, you learn to accept situations beyond your control, and you learn to enjoy little things that makes you happy.

And you know what? I have decided to give all my best effort, all my best love to my kids. I have learned a great deal  from my parents. The lack of communication they weren’t able to give, the lack of understanding, and even favoritism, which are very common in most families.

As a mother, I try to build  friendship with my daughters. I try to look at them as my best friends. In that way, they can easily be comfortable with me and open up if ever things doesn’t go well with them.  I also try to make it a point to listen, like really listen to them. Children loves stories so I also share my past childhood experience, even the most fragile ones so that they would feel the trust and bond between us.


My eldest daughter Zoey seems to be growing really fast.At a young age of 10 she knows all about responsibilities. She knows how to wash the dishes, knows how to sweep the floor, clean our room and all other household chores. I try to train her to become independent. I also teach her a thing or two about relationships. We also sometimes talk about serious stuff like how she needs to be wise in picking a boyfriend. How she must always learn how to speak up and defend herself in times of trouble.


As for this little one here, my little Savannah, this one is a tough cookie.  She’s very outspoken and is the opposite of her big sister.   She’s somehow a spoiled brat but I try to cut the act as early as now.  I tell her not to get envious of other children having nice things because we can always buy them if the budget permits. I just play a bit of psychology with them to divert a certain situation .

Hope you guys have a great month. It’s crunch time for most of us mommies because school year is about to start. There’s this moment of budgeting for school supplies, tuition, miscellaneous fees, a haggle with the tailor lady for new school uniforms, a bit of convincing with the kids not to buy new bags this year since it’s all about saving, and all other spending stuff you can think of.


Thanks for reading,





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