The Sheer and the Cut Offs



Sheer kimono and a black bikini, and my DIY high waisted shorts



Polyvore sets


I looked  like a dozen bugs ate my eyes, puffy and tired looking. No makeup, just swiped on red lipstick and settled in for some great booze and partying.

I hope I could wear this outfit at work. No kidding. I actually saw an employee in our office wearing a cropped sports bra like she’s out for a workout or something. That’s the “perks” for working in a fashion retail company I guess.  The sheer kimono top is to die for. I feel a lot more sophisticated and it gives me that mysterious aura.  I’ve let go of crochets as cover ups.  Kimono cover ups are the trend nowadays. Channeling the likes of  Jessica Alba, who always looks effortlessly glam on the beach. Again, it’s about making a visual statement. I dig boho and the hippie style, think Coachella and Woodstock.

I just love summer.

Lovingly yours,



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