420 Summer Beach Party

It was an awesome party last April 20. Though I looked like I battled a hundred zombies because of the “hike” we did going to the resort, dusty face and raccoon eyes totally go together. Good thing I thought of wearing my booties and comfy shorts and a tank top so that my armpits are able to breathe from the scorching heat.



420 wall

Happy 420 everyone!

  Anyways, I ditched the idea of being a hippie that night. Well, so much for pulling that Coachella look. I came in  unprepared, with only 1 bathing suit and a couple of shorts and tank tops. Here’s a few snapshots of the event, from the artists who performed to the crowds who went crazy over the music and games.





420 shirts

  Though I’m not really a fan of reggae bands, or bands in general, I liked the energy they brought to the crowd. While there I am just lurking at the corner, uhm, trying to dance the reggae dance and looking like I’m doing a  cultural folk dance instead.





420 42001 42002 42003




And now here’s my kind of music. Though they played mostly old, mainstream EDM but at least they were able to turn the crowd into wild, crazy stomping bunch of people.



IMG_5274 IMG_5281 IMG_5330 IMG_5331






These kids behind the Project 420 Party



me and Ej420 at night


With these pretty ladies. 

I also heard there was this 420 Party held in Zambales. I guess 420 is now becoming recognized by the many.

You may also check out the article I posted at When In Manila 


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