Adidas sweatproof top. DIY cut off shorts. Cotton On sneakers.



Savannah’s outfit (Gap Kids shirt and Jumper skirt. )

After those challenging events thrown upon me for the past couple of months, I’ve come to realize a lot of things. And I have to admit I am paying the price of all the wrong doings I did from the past. I’m eating up all the bad karma and I think it’s time to earn and attract good karma this time. Whenever I yearn for peace and solace, I always visit the sleepy town of Tagaytay.



If you have been following my blog for quite some time, you would know by now that Tagaytay is my second home. Whenever I feel sad or lonely, or stressed, I would go there to relax, reflect and be myself, away from people, away from the annoying noise of the city, just basically away from everything so to speak.

So then, we went to Pink Sisters with the family. Savannah’s got a handful of prayers written on a piece of paper. I asked her what her wish or prayer was and she whispered “It’s a secret.” I know I’m just a nosy mom but I can’t help it. She just looks so cute in the corner writing furiously and looking very much serious.


Anyways, I’m looking forward this coming holy week since we will be celebrating the 420 at Laiya Batangas. Come join us and I think they still have a few tickets being sold.

To know more about this, you may check the PR I posted HERE.


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