The Project 420 Party 2014! A Beachside Party.


project 420 poster



official poster


The Biggest 420 Summer Celebration in the Philippines is in the Horizon!

Take part in a Party celebration of Peace, Love, and an advocacy for a new kind of Summer High!

From the makers of Metro Manila’s most Awesome events, CLICK Productions presents:

Project 420 Philippines!

This celebration happens on the Beachside with the best elements a Summer party can bring:

Enjoy the best of both worlds as we showcase 7 underground and mainstream DJs

Reggae and Pop Bands

Fireworks Fiesta

Food Stalls Carnivale

SkyLantern Festival

and introducing: Vollerbeer! — Beer Pong, supersized!

Location: Private Resort of Klub Keluarga; Laiya, Batangas.

Tickets sold in VIP Platinums, Golds, and Silvers

Rooms are running out! Get those tickets now!

Contact 09178018097 and Look for miss Aya for reservations.

Go to for more details and learn how to win Free Passes.




And…additional info. To those who don’t have transportation, or who just want the feel of having a field trip,  they’ll be offering a bus ride for the event.

420 bus



I’m intrigued about that awesome surprise. And It looks like it’s gonna be one fun ride!

Pick up point would be Infront of Crimson hotel /Festival mall Alabang, Muntinlupa City. For the Southerners, it would be damn easy for us but to those living in the North, well, there’s always your friend’s car or perhaps just commute. Anyways, I can assure you it’s gonna be worth it. Round trip costs 600 php only and for one way ride, it’s 400. It’s pretty cheap considering the fun you’d be having during the ride. I have a hunch this is gonna be one HOTBOX! (clueless about what that is? It’s vehicle that contains one or more pot-smokers smoking one or more joints. The exhaled smoke and the smoke coming from the joint, unable to escape, circulates and thus is breathed in and is not wasted. Smokers in a hotbox may find themselves totally fucked beyond the point of speech after about 30 minutes. Hotboxing is an event that requires some amount of planning, but ensures optimal weed usage.Thanks to Urban dictionary I was able to know this thing.)  But don’t get alarmed, this is just a hunch. FUN eh?

For those who want that “summer camp” feel, they are also offering tents. Perfect for a group of 5 or six or even ten, just squeeze everyone in! Haha.

420 tents

420 shirts

And I’ll definitely get one of them awesome GET HIGH shirts!

Last year’s 420 was a pool party and it was damn like the movie PROJECT X. Should I say I smoked? You guess.

This year is gonna be even better.

Tickets are still being sold. so Check out their page PROJECT 420

Curious what happened l;ast year? check out Project 420 2013

See you everyone!




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