The BIG QUESTION is…should I join? (Networking)

I’m like this honey attracting bees when it comes to Networking. As much as I try to avoid it, and as much as I try coming up with excuses not to attend, I just simply can’t refuse because usually, the ones inviting me are my friends and I just can’t say NO. Again, as skeptic as you are when it comes to this pyramid/binary or whatever other structure of networking you may know, there’s always some sense behind it. Network Marketing is not for everyone. It’s for those people who are open-minded when it comes to business, and for those who have this wishful thinking of getting RICH fast, and for those who want to just have a PASSIVE income-meaning, earning money without so much as a crack in your bones. Presentations of these sorts tend to bore me. A lot of sugar-coating, a bit of motivational speech here and there, a lot of bragging (from the one who usually presents the product, like showing their checks etc) and some false promises. But then again, I’m not saying all of them are scams. You just need to really understand the structure and their compensation scheme. My brain tends to get a bit rusty when talking about figures, so I just nod and nod till my head hurt and I’ll just tell the person I totally understood what he’s saying even though my mind is screaming ENOUGH! And when it gets to the INVESTING part, I usually brace myself and wait for the alarm bells before I hit the exit. If it’s really a rip off, I would usually just say NOT INTERESTED in a blunt manner. So I’m kind of thinking, should I invest and give it a shot? I’m not going to disclose the name of the company but I’m going to give you a hint, they sell alternative medicine (mostly for cancer patients). Should I try it this time and maybe, just maybe I could be like Robert Kiyosaki? (dream on)   Well anyways, before I shell out big bucks on this I will try to learn what I can about investing, about business and entrepreneurship.   And here’s my chosen books this time   david and robert kiyosaki-and-network-marketing-4 Tips for you who’s planning to join a Network Marketing company, research the company first and read everything about investing and marketing. You have to have knowledge first before joining, so your money won’t end up disappearing into thin air. Again, just saying.


Yours, Anoushka


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