My 2 cents at ZALORA

I’m a bit leery when it comes to online shopping, especially with some online sites that only offers meet ups or transactions like you have to deposit money first before they deliver the item. I was victimized by it one time so since then I became very cautious.

One thing I look for with shopping online is the credibility of the website and if it offers a wide range of selections on products, as well as convenience on payment methods.

The good thing about shopping online is that it’s never tiring. You don’t have to walk around the mall dragging your feet from store to store with loads of shopping bags on each arm, and a pissed off  boyfriend/husband in tow.

So my choice of online store is of course, ZALORA.

I’ve known about ZALORA since 2012 but I haven’t tried shopping there only because they don’t carry my favorite brands during that time, and I also prefer shopping for clothes and shoes at the mall to avoid the hassle of getting the wrong size and going through the whole process of returning it.

But then again, there’s always an exception. I guess it’s pretty safe for accessories like bags, wallets or anything that does not require a size chart.

So I tried ordering just to test if whether my blogger friends are telling me the truth. Like, ZALORA has a speedy delivery service and  such.Here I am getting curious again and won’t stop till I find out if it’s true or not.


Summer is just around the bend and I plan to add my collection of sunglasses. I wanna channel Mary Kate Olsen this time and I’ve heard so much about how trendy and hip round sunglasses are so I decided to opt for sunnies by Charlie


My ever favorite fashion icon Mary Kate Olsen 

P01-03-14_14.11 P01-03-14_14.11[01]

I placed my order yesterday with special instructions to deliver it this Wednesday since I’ll be wearing it for an event. The delivery time frame for Provincial is 5-7 business days (I live here in Cavite) and for Metro Manila 1-3 business days. To my utter surprise, the package arrived this morning!Fast delivery indeed, but then much to my chagrin, they didn’t follow my special instructions. I think probably it’s really not possible or perhaps it’s too tedious for them to grant all customers request. Anyways, I got my sunnies ( so i’m shutting my mouth.)

Another thing I love about ZALORA is the 30 day return policy, which makes a lot of sense. No one wants to wear something that does not fit right? or who wants a damaged or defective item? I’m sure there are some instances like that so it’s just appropriate to allow customers to return an item, either for exchange or a store credit.

They also offer a lot of promos when you sign up, like the 250 Introductory voucher coupons and the 500 Invite a Friend coupon, but of course you have to read the mechanics first to avoid disputes.

I’m so darn excited to wear my first purchase at ZALORA. I think there’s gonna be a lot more to come.

Check out ZALORA and browse through some cool and fashionable finds. River Island is also available there and I ordered a purse! No need to go to Glorietta or SM Aura.

As for clothes, I still prefer the mall.

How about you? have you done some shopping lately?


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