Post Valentine’s Day musings

I never imagined V day here in the Philippines are almost like Christmas! I just can’t believe how crowded the streets were last Friday. Traffic is everywhere and me and my sister was left with no choice but to endure the long lines of the MRT to go to  Mall of Asia to meet Lance and the kids for our family dinner(by the way, my sister’s office is near my office as well so I asked her to join us.)Falling in line was a piece of cake, but squeezing yourself inside the train? You can just imagine what we looked like . Super haggard to the max!

Good thing Lance was able to book us a table in advance so we wouldn’t have to wait another hour or so just to eat.





We just had a simple dinner booked at La Mesa Grille near the Bay Area, and then went shopping. No dinner dates, no flowers, and no serenades or any of those cheesy stuff. It’s never my thing.

By the way, thanks to for the loot bag! Just got them yesterday. Perfect for a post Vday gift.

Also, have you tried this chocolate hazelnut cake from Chocolat? I swear, it’s sinfully delicious! I love the Cadbury chocolate hazelnut toppings and the fact that just having a slice is enough to forget your diet.

How about you? care to share your Valentine’s Day experience?

Lots of Love,



One thought on “Post Valentine’s Day musings

  1. Those are yummy chocolate and cake! Those are my weaknesses. Fortunate you, you had a chance to go on date. We couldn’t because of yes, the traffic, and we had some reviewing to do 🙂

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