It’s work…but not as I know it.


At the rooftop of Z-loft


Early morning is probably my very favorite time of day. Getting up from the  silent stillness before the noise of the neighborhood and listening to birds chirping is my morning music and meditation. Walking around the house on bare feet to make a cup of coffee and looking out of the window waiting for the day to open it’s eyes. I like to think that I’ve got the whole world to myself for an hour or so, although the minutes seem to pass far more quickly. One minute it’s only twenty to five so you get busy preparing for the kids stuff for school, prepare for their bath, comb their hair, demand to eat their breakfast, and the next you’re horribly late for work and sprinting towards the bathroom door.

First two weeks at a new job are always a bit of a struggle. That feeling that everyone is staring at you and checking out your outfit, or just plain staring out of curiosity. Also the fact that everyone is so highly competitive that you are forced to speak up and share your inputs. It’s a totally different world out there really. I’ve also become more conscious of what to wear every waking day. Everyone in our company is just so fashionable and laid back, no pressures. You can wear whatever you want. In fact, I was wearing shorts  the other day and no one reprimanded me because almost all the employees are wearing the same stuff as I am. It’s just a relief you know.  I guess these are some of the perks with working in a fashion company.

Anyways, I feel like a slob wearing this outfit for work. Just so happens my new colleague are addicted to ootd’s and selfies that’s why I happen to have this picture at the rooftop of our office. I started not being active on Instagram the fact that my Ipad has suffered dead pixels and we have no choice but to sell it. I don’t carry high-end phones anymore. I decided to just live a normal, simple life this 2014. Good thing my new phone has good camera so I won’t have to struggle taking photos for reviews, unless of course Lance is available so I can rely on his camera for events and stuff.
I’ve promised myself that I would start spending my money wisely and invest on more important things other than shopping for clothes and makeup. I’ve got a handful of ’em anyway so why bother?

As you mature, you realize the value of money. And thanks to my sister for lending me her book Guide to Investing by Robert Kiyosaki and also sending me the one titled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad on pdf. I’ve learned a great deal about how to handle your money wisely, though there are some topics which tends to drain your brain! It’s complex and has these financial terms that’s really hard to decipher. But again it wouldn’t hurt to read these types of books. The rich gets richer. The poor gets poorer. Robert Kiyosaki reveals the secrets of how the wealthiest people become even wealthier, and how everyone can learn how to benefit from some simple investing secrets — merely by knowing where and how to invest their money.



It’s a long weekend for some of us and finally, I was able to find the time to blog!
Happy Chinese New Year to all those chinitos and chinitas out there!!!!




10 thoughts on “It’s work…but not as I know it.

  1. I’ve decided to do the same too. Spend more on what will be of benefit to me than just clothing that get out of style. (But I still love love clothes) I decided to attend workshops that will help me improve in what I love doing. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by my site 😀

    1. The book is very informative. Robert explained the way average people think when it comes to money and getting rich. He said that most people prioritize stability, comfort, and finally, getting rich, something in that order. But then there are some inexplicable ways on how to REALLY grow your money with just a matter of changing our priorities. It’s a bit confusing actually but I enjoy learning something from the book.

    1. Yes. In a fashion company. Though I really miss working in a BPO. I miss the easy breezy travel during the evenings, compared to the heavy traffic that I have to endure in the mornings!!!

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