Chills from the South



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Depression. It crept up on me like a deathly white fog while I wasn’t looking.  Like a disease slowly creeping inside my body and starting to spread dangerously. I don’t know if it’s the music or the cold weather that’s dampening my spirits. I guess both. Sometimes, it’s better not to listen to old music. It makes me reminisce the old days. Both happy and sad memories flood your mind. And you can’t help thinking about your past and your mind goes into somersault, with a speed of a tornado slowly sucking you and finally thrashing your body out of nowhere, leaving you disoriented and out of sorts.

Well heck, there’s always the help of meditation.

Anyways, it’s so cold here in the south. I’m getting chapped lips, skin so dry that all it needs is a cactus planting itself and it would be Sahara desert. Even my good old lotion can’t help beat this dryness!

But at least, I have an excuse to drown myself on cups of coffee every waking morning.

Om shanti everyone.


4 thoughts on “Chills from the South

  1. hahaha. hi my young friend Che…i know exactly what you mean. starting my shift reading your anoushka emails. Depression? Everyone goes through that. It drenches you like a raincloud and then passes.
    Take care.

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