Achieving Sankalpa through Purushartha

In translation, and to easily decipher this, Sankalpa, a sanskrit word meaning “the power of intention” or known to most people as “resolutions” can be achieved by knowing our purpose in life and determining what our soul needs through the help of Purushartha, meaning “for the purpose of the soul.”

I came to learn this with my continuous study of meditation, laws of karma and reincarnation. According to the vedas, our soul has 4 desires.

First desire is the Dharma-the desire to fulfill our own unique purpose and our destiny. Second is the Artha, desire for money, health and security. The third is the Kama, a desire for pleasure, love and intimacy, or anything that deals with relationships. And the last one is Moksha, a desire for spiritual growth and yearning for peace.

We can easily distinguish what desire we should focus on. so that we can attain to achieve our resolutions and easily inject the transition in our daily lives. This could be accomplished through the help of a meditation technique taught by Rod Stryker, founder of Para Yoga.

Meditation practice:

Close your eyes. Become aware of your body. Bring your attention to your breath. Focus on your breathing for 1-2 minutes.

Next step is bring your attention to your forehead in the center of your eyebrows, hold your focus there, until your body is relaxed and perfectly still.

Allow your awareness to connect your breath to the point of your eyebrows, or called the mid brain. When you notice your body breathing in, move your awareness to the point and focus your energy in it. When you breathe out, relax and then focus again to the point between your eyebrows, or commonly known as our third eye. Just keep focusing your energy there until you feel a tingle between your eyebrows.

Once you enter in a state of deep peace, allow your inner voice to direct you on what desire you should focus and work on. Trust your instincts, the response of your soul will be clear.

I hope this helps us in accomplishing our New Year’s Resolution. It’s always effective to trust on our instincts.

Om Shanti


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