2014 Resolutions

Seems like a lot has happened in 2013 and it depends on you how you’ll view it on a certain angle. Some may think it’s a very unlucky year, others may look at it as challenging. But the good thing about it is that all of us have made it through!

I am determined to iron out all the wrinkles of life this time. Most of us starts the year with a list of New Year’s Resolution, coming up ways on how we can change our bad habits and replace it with good ones.  I have to admit I have my share of failures last year and sadly, I was blinded by my obsession to succeed that I stumbled into the arms of disappointment and despair. Despite the teachings instilled in me by my meditation teachers, I got sidetracked and was easily swayed by the people around me. 

No man has ever attained perfection. No matter how much you spend time reading self help books like Stephen Covey, or how much you try to master Napoleon Hill’s Autosuggestion technique, or perhaps applying the secrets of Andrew Carnegie in your daily life,  there would still be an instance wherein you would stumble. 

New Year’s Resolution are just your guide and checklist on things you’d change for improvement. 

For this year I would:

  • Continue (and maintain) my vegetarian diet
  • Be practical (gulp)
  • spend more time with kids
  • stop upgrading and start downgrading (seriously!)
  • spend less time on social media networks 
  • blog more
  • ignore gossips
  • be more kind to my husband (harhar)

uhm, and the list goes on.

Well, most of us are good starters but lousy finishers. 

Just saying. 


Happy New Year to all of us. 



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