Effective cure for Gastritis: Lipton Lemon tea with Ashitaba

I’ve been tossing and turning last night till 4:30 am clutching my knotted stomach, wondering what I’ve eaten that caused me the  excruciating pain in my belly. I’ve spent almost 20 minutes in the bathroom, just sitting there waiting for an eruption to happen, but only got sweat dripping down my distorted face, wincing every minute or so from the pain. Then I realized it’s probably  another attack of Gastritis. I remembered having three cups of coffee yesterday morning, then another 2 cups before going to bed. If there’s one thing I’m addicted to, it would be drowning myself in coffee everyday, preferably brewed.

So I waited there, feeling nauseated and sweaty. Without success, I left the bathroom and decided to fix myself a cup of hot lemon tea to perhaps calm my restless tummy. I remembered my mother-in-law gave me these bunch of potted plants called Ashitaba, which promises to cure all sorts of illness.


Ashitaba plant known as Angelica Keiskei

From an article online.

Some facts about this magic plant:

  • “a powerful tonic drug.” In folk medicine that is claimed to be diuretic, tonic, to improve digestion, and, when applied topically, to speed wound healing and prevent infection.
  • widely serves as pasture for cows, being known to improve their milk’s quality as well as the yield and to maintain their health at the same time.
  • good for dry skin.
  • it’s more known in Japan as Ashitaba, “The magic plant”.
  • can cure and prevent cancer
  • can help to cure Asthma
  • beautifies your skin complexion
  • can also help cure depression

and a lot more.

Thinking this would be the perfect time to find out it’s effectiveness, I concocted up my own recipe.

Recipe for Lipton lemon tea with Ashitaba


Ashitaba leaves (4-6 pieces)


Lipton lemon tea


Honey to sweeten


Super simple. Boil the leaves of Ashitaba,  then mix it with your lemon tea, add honey to sweeten.




So after 2 cups and a 15 minute home-TV-shopping-show later, I felt my tummy began to behave and settle. I’m amazed.

There I was, feet up on the coach, farting like there’s no tomorrow and finally falling into a mouth-opened deep slumber.

If you want to try it out for yourself, I do have a lot of pots of this magic plant and I can give you some for free. We have healthy, fertile soil here in Cavite so it’s easy for us to grow these plants. You may find these plants being sold in Tagaytay, Batangas and Baguio.

For additional info, you may check out this website  here.  I did my bit of research before consuming this plant of course.. Very informative website with all the infos you need to know about the magical plant. 


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