Life is a masterpiece with the 2014 Belle De Jour Power Planner

Got this in the mail last week! Thanks to Viviamo! Inc. for the gift. They actually let me choose from the 3 Planners available (The Navi, Everything is Possible and Belle De Jour Power Planner) but I opted for the printed BDJ. I’m supposed to buy  one next month but I guess they heard my wish.  I stopped using  Starbucks Planner only because I decided to be more practical for a change. The overwhelming taste of their coffee is making me gag to be honest with you. Wanting to be adventurous, I switched coffee shops so everytime I want to have a fix of that hot bitter coffee, I prefer UCC and Bo’s Coffee now. So no more SB Planners and no more posting pictures of it and announcing to the whole world that I just got my Starbucks Planner. Too overrated.


The Belle De Jour Power Planner 2014

A Planner is one of my constant companion and I can’t really function without it. It’s making my life more manageable and in order. Planning and organizing with just the help of our brain won’t do us any good.The fact that you’ve missed that one important meeting with the boss (which could’ve been a promotion on your part) is like an opportunity burned to dust–because you went after the booze with your friends instead. The BDJ Power Planner 2014 includes:

  • Time Management Principles based layout to help you get things DONE.
  • Challenge yourself to make a  DIFFERENCE with the advocacy tracker.
  • FOCUS on what’s important with GOALS, Dreamboard, Checklist and more.
  • Cute stickers to mark your social events and family gatherings.
  • TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF with the health checklist, immunization and mestrual tracker pages.
  • Manage your expenses with the Bills and Tracker pages.
  • It has a matte-laminated cover with expandable back pocket.


The BDJ Lifestyle card

The BDJ Lifestyle card serves as an access membership card to all BDJ events throughout 2014. It can also be used for discounts and promotions.


IMG_9858 Be a blogger and join When In Manila! or share an article at the BDJ website and share your thoughts. BDJ


Detach all coupons and store them in the clear pocket provided. I always carry this with me everytime I go shopping. Use at least 50 coupons and get your next year’s BDJ Planner for free. Infos provided on the planner.


When we talk about GOALS, it should always involve a burning desire, because without it, our goals would only become ideas just sitting there waiting to rot for all we care.  On this page you can put your vision statement-a vivid idealized description of a desired outcome that really inspires and energizes you.


IMG_9874 IMG_9873 IMG_9871

They got more space now for the Dream board compared to the 2013 Planner. IMG_9873 IMG_9874 IMG_9875

Perfect for blogging events

IMG_9879 IMG_9877

We are defined by the quality of our thoughts. 


Never fret anymore when missing your period. Track the dates Bellas! 

IMG_9881 IMG_9882

Plan your travels here

IMG_9883 IMG_9881IMG_9883

IMG_9889 IMG_9885 IMG_9887 IMG_9888

I’ll make my life a masterpiece by becoming a blessing to others. 

How about you?

Let’s start the year right. Buy your BDJ’s now. Check out BDJ

I hope it’s gonna be a lucky year for all of us.




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