Lucent Magique from Loreal

I can see the death of my youth looming like a dark cloud on the horizon. And as the day turned into weeks, and weeks  stretched into months, and months into years, I realized that getting old is presenting itself in me in all its-seven-signs-of-aging glory.

With that being said, I have to be extra careful when putting products on my face. I know I just have to ignore the notable feeling of getting old.  As long as I know what the right products to use, I’m saved from being a prune.

Lucent Magique


This foundation speaks for the name itself. I love the creamy texture and surprisingly fits my skin. I have this dull, dry skin so I have to be choosy when wearing cream or liquid based foundation.


My hand is a bit shiny from the coconut lotion I used found at the back of my closet that has been long forgotten (It just look too awful I ought to  really throw that one out).

This has light to medium coverage. If you  really want to cover up your blemishes in divine perfection, adjust the amount you put on your face, but you really have to avoid piling it up or you’d look like you just had a makeover from a funeral parlor. As for me, this just goes out perfectly with my complexion. I would have to say bye bye to my current BB cream I’m using and stick to this one.

Also,  the fantastic part of it is that when wearing it, you look oh-so-natural. You know when someone can tell that you’re wearing makeup right? that usual chalky white finish? the smooth, matte powdery look that’s just too made up. I’m about sick and tired of that usual look.  I love how my face has that luminous glow and not too gunky. If you know what I mean.

Repurchase? definitely yes.

By the way, this also comes with a touch up pen that hides those dark spots under my eyes.

Getting old is not a bad thing. Thanks to these magical products that we can always rely on. What’s important is we still carry our tasks and perform the daily rituals that hold together the seams of human life…and face trials with a pretty smile.



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