Blog Reform?

I’ve been thinking of changing my blog into a more serious one.   As you may have noticed, most of my posts are about self-help, meditation and mostly events related. I’ve become more mature after the tide of events that kept me under low profile, or should I say, anti-social.

I’ve also parted ways with  social media (well, except for the need of advertising).

Posting “selfies”  and flooding pictures of myself and my outfits on Instagram isn’t  my thing anymore. Sounds boring but let’s just say I decided to be more serious so that people would take me more seriously as well. I’ve caused too much annoyance on some and it’s about time to quit the nonsensical behavior.  I have to admit I’m kind of missing the addictive selfie postings and sharing outfit posts with other bloggers, and to be honest, my fingers are itching to log in on Instagram (it’s like agonizing myself on a stick of cigarette) but I have to portray a serious persona if I want “those people”  to trust and rely on me.

There would still be fashion blogging but it would be minimal. I don’t have much thing going on in the fashion side of the world anyway so I think it’s better to focus on what I’m most active on.

If I would be posting a “selfie” of myself now, this would do.



or how about this…


Or this…


I’m just making you laugh. Just letting you know I’m still the old silly Anoushka you’ve known only with a sprinkle of seriousness.

I’ve come to know that people mostly lived their lives half-strangled by what-ifs, an obvious analogy of life  lived by our choices.  Funny how we waste thinking the “could’ve-beens” instead of living in the present. Sometimes, it just takes a little spray of cold water thrown in our faces to make us snap back in reality and stop the negative dwellings that pester our minds.  I thank GOD in giving me these obstacles and really learning from it. No hard feelings seriously (I feel like a wise woman talking here. )

Anyways, this blog is still gonna be as exciting as last year”s, only more mature I think.

I’ll be posting beauty reviews one of these days since I got new makeups to share with you. And also, watch out for the EMF 2013! I’d definitely let you in on what’s happenin.

Let’s enjoy LIFE  at the present moment. Stop dwelling on PAST and stop worrying the FUTURE. This is my new motto.

Your truly,



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