Blogapalooza 2013 on Nov. 16

Better late than never!
I’ll be joining the Blogapalooza 2013 happening this Saturday November 16th at the SM Aura!
Blogapalooza is an exclusive, invite only event for influential bloggers, top Twitter trend setters, Facebook celebrities and online marketing experts.
This  event is a chance for big and small businesses to present their products or brand to bloggers and online social media influencers, and a chance to meet and greet some of our fellow bloggers as well!
The awesome thing about this is that there are still slots available and it’s never too late to join!
To know more about the Blogapalooza, you may dig some infos  here.
Following are Bogapalooza sponsors
1388_587475014621528_184531558_n 1186216_571554449546918_734180015_n
Lots of freebies awaits bloggers.
Hope you can still sign up and join us!!

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