Triumph International Philippines Launches Its Newest Body Make-up and Shape Sensation Collections

Your second skin

As a woman, you wear many different skins; as many as the layers that are expected both by society and by what you set yourself. You are a confidante, a partner, a mother, an inspiration, a career woman, and a role model among many others. But when it feels right and effortless, when wearing it feels nothing short of happiness, then that’s when these layers feel like second skin.

As a woman, you know it’s right when it feels like second skin.

It’s finding a career that makes you happy beyond the 15th and 30th of the month. It’s loving a partner that’s your equal in every way that counts. It’s nourishing relationships that encourage you to be real.  It’s giving in to passions that do good for society.

These are the things that feel like your second skin. And with over 127 years of mastery in intimate apparel technology and aesthetics, Triumph introduces two new collections specially created for the needs of the modern woman: undergarments that look and fit like your second skin, and lacy shape wear for a more flattering silhouette.

“We’re creating intimate apparel that literally fits and feels like second skin in order for the modern Filipina to be more confident in assuming the many different roles that are important to her as a woman,” shares Denise Kahn, Advertising & Promotions Manager, Triumph International Philippines.

In a one-of-a-kind launch happening at the Fairmont Suites, Triumph will be launching its latest lines, Body Make-Up and Shape Sensation, both of which promise to once again reinforce Triumph’s global standing as the world’s best loved “Tailor of Female Confidence.”

Body Make-Up

A sensuously modern and ever so mysterious ‘new kind of nude’ has hit the streets with the arrival of Triumph’s exciting Body Make-Up, the first lingerie of its kind offering similar benefits to your favorite make-up and the enticing visual effect of wearing nothing at all.

Incredibly smooth, soft and lightweight, the Body Make-Up collection comes in a range of on-trend shades —Vanilla to Light Rose, Cappuccino to Chocolate Brown, Soft Blush or New Nude— that blend perfectly with skin tone and deliver extreme high definition invisibility under whatever you wear. The palette is inspired by the latest make-up trends; injecting a fun, feminine and cool flirty element to your lingerie assortment.

When you wear Triumph’s Body Make-Up intimates, your body and your clothing do the talking – not your underwear!




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Shape Sensation

Introducing the glamorously fashionable Shape Sensation Autumn 2013 collection– supportive, chic and incredibly elegant, with a unique balance of strength and softness, the eye-catching new collection offers a blend of qualities to empower women as it highlights their natural beauty and contemporary feminine edge.


Incredibly sensual by design, yet offering extreme function and body-shaping benefits, this season’s collection has been crafted from innovative two-way stretch Lycra lace that secretly smoothens and defines body contours whilst also imparting stunning visual appeal. The intelligent fabric containing LYCRA® XTRA FINE fiber provides the wearer with a unique blend of style, comfort, and extreme weightlessness.


As it gently caresses the body’s natural curves, the high stretch and recovery material offers an energy-evoking freedom of movement and an uplifting second-skin feel that you’ll just adore.


Meanwhile, the renowned ‘ultimate curve creator’ has majestically morphed into the ‘ultimate lace shaper’, bringing with it a trendy new aura and vibrant, confidence-building beauty –bringing curves back as a glamorous new fashion statement.


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Just a few tips I’ve  learned from the Triumph lady during the event:

Bras should be treated with care just the same special treatment as you do for your designer bags  The helpful lady told me never use a fabric softener for your bras for it could cause the bra cups to deform. Always hand wash them and don’t use a laundry soap.  If you must, you may use the white Perla brand since it’s milder than the regular laundry bars we often use.  But I would prefer to use Ivory soap or Dove for a milder one.  Also, when you store them in your closet, never ever fold them!  This could cause little dents and can deform the original shape of your bra.

One important thing also is that we are required to measure our bra size every time we thought we gained or lose weight. Funny how I’ve  worn the same size of bra every year!  That explains how uncomfortable I get when I wear my old bra, and finding out it’s not the right size for me anymore!

Thanks a lot to Triumph for that little knowledge!


Good thing they asked for our measurements and I’ll get to wear these gifts for the upcoming wedding I’ll be attending to.



The box consists of 2 pairs of Body Makeup Collection (bras and panties), Shape Sensation underwear and Loreal makeups

About Triumph International

Triumph International is one of the world’s largest intimate apparel companies. It enjoys a presence in over 120 countries with the core brands Triumph, sloggi, Valisère, and HOM. Internationally, Triumph serves 40,000 wholesale customers and sells its products in over 2,000 Triumph stores. With Swiss Beldona and Chilean Coty’s, the company operates two successful multi brand retail concepts. Triumph employs more than 36,000 people and achieved revenues of 2.0 billion Swiss Franks in 2011.



For more information, please contact:


Denise Kahn, Advertising and Promotions Manager

662 9400 | 0917 513 0026


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