Spiffy Vintage

This is my idea of a spiffy outfit. With my fascination of anything vintage I made a pact with myself I’ll be integrating vintage pieces in all of my looks. My wardrobe last night looks like those dump of clothes about to be sent to the folks who were affected by typhoon (though If only I have a whole closet to donate, I’d definitely send all of them away.) So, the ordeal started when I looked for a flowy top that would go over my bandage black skirt. I noticed I’m gaining a few pounds lately because of my frequent trips at the bakeshop. Good thing I had a knack of hiding them by going through a long process of standing in front of the mirror and trying every piece of clothing I own, then inspecting myself at all angles. (I know you’d say it sounds like what vain people do whenever they prep up for work but hey, a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do right? ) Luckily, I found the most decent top under the little mountain of clothes inside my closet.



I chose to be comfortable for the event since there’s a threat of a thunderstorm and I don’t want to have the hassle of wearing heels for it might be slippery along the way. I thought of wearing socks again and my comfortable vintage leather brogues. (I lately dig casual french dressing.)


Vintage straw clutch bought at an antique shop in Makati and some vintage rings.


Haggard look as usual…


so I attempted to fix myself.


It’s me, myself and I for these outfit shots.


I got tired of showing a pair of shoes so just a shoe will do. (kidding! I have a bruise on my right leg so I need to hide it.)

My hair ia getting ugly don’t you think?
I think I really need to cut it short now.




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