The new Archie Series

I’m sure a lot of you remember Archie comics. As a kid I grew up collecting them and made sure not to miss on all series from Jughead and the gang, Archie and the gang, Betty and Veronica’s double digest and Reggie Mantle’s mishaps.

To this day, my daughter seemed to have inherited my love of books and I think that’s a good thing. Instead of her getting all obsessed on expensive toys that could break any parents arms and legs.

Archie comics released new edition from it’s 1960’s classics up to the present times where Archie and Jughead are now business tycoons and Archie marrying Betty and Veronica.

All comics are available at all bookstores nationwide. My Zoey still needs the part 2 of The Best of Archie and the Part 1 of The Married Life.


I’m now finding time for my kids and in fact, I’m kind of thinking to just put up a business and be a full time housewife. What do you think?

Your mommy here,



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