Bigfish Innovation Black 2013


The Bigfish tradition continues ! Time to wear BLACK this time.  I chanced upon a cute black dress last week while I was walking along Glorietta Mall and made a mental note to buy it for this event.

I’m pretty busy lately with family matters. I’ve been MIA and haven’t been active in blogging and attending events. A lot has been going on in my life right now but don’t worry coz I’ll definitely spare you the details. All I want is a breather from all the stress caused by a lot of things( too many to mention. )

Anyways, I’m enjoying myself with my new love in Lomography. I’ve already burned my first roll of film and I plan to do another photowalk and burn the second roll this weekend. Once I get the hang of it, I’ll buy the Diana mini or the  LOMO LC-A. I’m trying to learn Lomography tricks like multiple  exposures, mirroring, and  splicer.

I’ve missed all of you and I’ll be better in no time. I’ll be active again in no time.

It’s just a stretch and a yawn to melt all that stress. I gotta exercise again. I haven’t been doing hatha yoga at home. I’ve been concentrating on my meditation too much and sometimes, a little stretch really helps.




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