My first photowalk with my Holga

Because of my fascination in anything vintage, I decided to try Lomography and bought a Holga 135BC, my first lomo cam. I coaxed my daughter to try it out for herself as well so she can play around with Lomography too. Off we went to Tagayatay and had our first photowalk. It was a complete fun experience but tiring as well. We got off the bus from Olivarez and started walking and taking pictures. I can’t wait to see the outcome of the photos! I now know why a lot of people prefer analog photography. It’s the thrill it gives you and the surprise it brings after seeing your shots. Compared to digital photography, which you can always edit and erase if the photos turned out ugly, in film photography, you really have to be skillful to make all your shots beautiful.

For starters, I’ll try out Lomography first before getting into film SLR.

Holga 135BC

The Holga 135BC gives you 35mm vignetted shots. It means your photos gives you that mystical look and helps establish the mood of the scene. I love how it isolates your subject, which sometimes make it more distinguishable. The fun part about it is the illusions it brings giving you dimensional images, sometimes duplicating the subject.

Holga 135BC

Zo taking shots of the fields across the street

Holga 135BC

Laidback Mondays

Holga 135BC

Holga 135BC

Holga 135BC

Holga 135BC


Holga 135BC
I look bruha here. Hihi.

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be having another blog for my lomo photos. Pretty excited how the photos might turn out. I even bought a photo album for it.


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