How I deal with problems

Most people lose faith in themselves when faced with adversity. First thing they turn into are usually things that are temporary bliss, not realizing they are sinking deeper and deeper into a quicksand of misery. The problem with us is we always think too much. It’s like we try to be scientist of our lives. Always analyzing, always trying to figure it out, and worrying whether our problems will be solved or if it’s just gonna sit there rotting.

I’m very grateful for the things I’ve learned in my meditation studies. I realized it can really solve a lot of things. I’m also grateful for the people who lead me into this new path of life I’m treading. It’s a path full of wisdom.


I now meditate using Japa Mala beads given by my friend

Recently, my friend invited me to visit the Hare Krishna temple. It’s very interesting to learn a new religion. I know I sounded like Pi but the things you learn are also the things that can enlighten your life in the future. What I’m doing right now (which I just realized) is I adapt some of the teschings on each religion I learn and apply it in my everyday life. It sounds a bit confusing but I like it that way. It’s how I embrace each belief with open arms, and an open mind.

I will be featuring Hare Krishna temple here probably next week. I still need to gather more information from my friend. It’s just hard to remember some of the terms they used there.


These are just few of the things that were given to me by my friend. Two Japa Mala beads and I also bought a Pavitra necklace for good luck and good health.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend.

Lotsa love,



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