Hare Krishna Temple

Lately, people have been asking me if I’ve converted to Hinduism. I was kind of expecting it coming from friends and family who are all Catholics, It’s no surprise they reacted when they saw some photos I’ve uploaded on Facebook and IG. I told them I’m currently on a “phase” of soul-searching. Enough said.

I don’t want to commit on any type of religion. I was born a Catholic and I think I would die as one. The reason for this soul searching is probably because I know I’m desperate for change. And let me tell you again and again that it cannot be done overnight! So ignore comments from people who judge. Focus on yourself. Be selfish. In a good way.

Last month, my friend invited me to visit their Hare Krishna temple in Makati. If you’re wondering what Hare Krishna religion is, to be honest, I don’t have the knowledge to introduce them to you so might as well google it or read it from the Wiki. It’s for a fact that I don’t want to make a mistake because we’re talking about religion here. There are a few things I’ve learned that I can share but not enough to satisfy your curiosity. I just want to share our experience and how interesting the place was. I felt like I’m in India visiting on some temple. The place radiates an aura of pure holiness that I can’t help but be aware of my actions.

Hmmm…surprising how I became adventurous at some point in my life. Yes. This is my kind of adventure.

Snapshots of the temple Hare Krishna. Pardon for the grainy photos. Wasn’t planning to bring a camera because this trip was unplanned.


He’s Srila Prabhupada, founder of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness.


We met Navi, who I think is one of the preachers there. I was taken by their hospitality and niceness. They immediately offered food to eat which I think they call Prashadam.


With Vishaka


Me and Nikka with Vishaka


The sanctified food. A complete vegetarian meal.

I took some photos of their deities. I was hesitant at first but they were cool about it so I snapped some photos away feeling like I’m inside a museum of something.




Hare Krishna


This is where they sell their books, accessories like Japa Mala beads. Sari, incense and other religious stuff


Japa Mala beads


Bhakti for beginners


We had the Caranamrita, it’s a drink from the substances used to bathe the deities

It consists of milk, honey and yoghurt I believe.





nikka tryingΒ out the Harmonium








They had a ceremony called Aarti at around 12 pm. We observed and watched. Luckily I was able to capture it on video.

A ceremony called Aarti






Took photos with Navi




It felt great to learn about a new religion though I have to admit there are some things that’s too hard to decipher, especially the Sanskrit. It takes complete schooling for you to fully grasp the teachings of Hare Krishna. I am not going to dig deep on this. As my meditation teacher taught me, for you to easily understand things is to understand it in simpler ways, never over analyze. If people try to be intelligent about things, let them be. Remember, it’s not about how much you know about religion, it’s about whether you apply the teachings in your everyday life. So even if you know everything about it and yet you’re still the same negative person you are, then there’s no use practicing whatever religion you’re into.

As for me, I would concentrate more on changing myself and applying the teachings of the Catholic church, which is being family oriented and still maintain the same lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to, the teachings of BK on being positive at all times and being the master of your own mind, being vegetarian and being soul conscious, and soon to learn the good teachings of Hare Krishna, whatever their philosophy is.

Again everyone, I AM NOT COMMITTING on any religion. I’d rather learn from each one of them.

Remember, there’s no such rhing as a perfect religion. I’m just saying.

I’ll soon post the Hare Krishna video for all yogis out there.




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