Due to public demand, I decided to blog my LAME outfit last week. Funny because most of my office mates are now into that “rainy season” look whilst here I am still trying desperately to look somehow summer-ish, if you know what I mean. The outfit below just shows how my mood was last Tuesday. I “stoically endured adversity”. I tend to mask what I’m feeling but usually it reflects with the way I dress. I had long decided to ditch being overly dramatic with challenging situations, coz of what I’ve learned from meditation, there is no sense in dwelling, worrying, or analyzing your struggles or problems. It just makes the situation even worse. I am learning to shut the negativity around me( even if there are some people who confide problems to me, I try to keep a neutral response or sometimes not even responding but just plain listening, coz sometimes that’s the best that you can do to help. Be there for them and lend an ear or a shoulder.)

Don’t let anyone affect you. Even if there are people who are so annoying you can’t even stand them, be there for them. Insecurity is everywhere, that’s a known fact. Some people boast or brag because they’re hungry for praise. Feed them with compliments. You don’t need praise. You give them because you are overflowing of it, and you don’t even ask, because it bounces back to you for you give and you receive.


Fashion Slouch Stoic oversized top ( I decided to cut the sleeves so I can also wear it for summer)

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It’s Monday again. Another start of the week and let’s spread positivity around us.




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