The Cookie Butter Craze

I’m sure you’ve read all those tweets on Twitter and posts on FB about this new craze going on about the Cookie Butter. Even Instagram has been flooding with Cookie Butter photos! I mean, It’s totally unbelievable. My friends are raving about it. Some people even order boxes of it  to stock up in their kitchen. An old colleague told me that it all started when Kim Kardashian posted a photo of the TJ Cookie Butter on Instagram with a comment “The best peanut butter! So good!” Because of this, it became super viral that almost everyone wants to get a jar of their own. And did you know that even in the US, they’re also running out of stocks because Filipinos have hoarded all of them.
So, of course papahuli ba ako? hehe. I tried looking for this talk-of-the-town “peanut butter” at groceries like Rustan’s and Landmark but came up NADA. I posted an announcement on FB and asked where I could buy them. I also asked my co-writers coz some of them are food bloggers and they recommended I order online but I told them I don’t have the patience to wait for pre-orders. And besides, I’ll only buy a jar just to try it. luckily, Phoebe, my office mate who’s also a blogger knew someone selling them on hand so I immediately told her I want a jar.

The Cookie Butter Craze

The Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter.

The Cookie Butter Craze

This is obviously junk food. In my opinion.

The taste? It’s a lot like gingerbread cookies. Well, the ingredients says it has ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. The taste of cinnamon is very distinct. My kids really loved it.

The Cookie Butter Craze

Savannah’s reaction? She likes it but she said she loves Hazelnut spread even better.

The Cookie Butter Craze

Zo didn’t complain. She loves Gingerbread cookies from Starbucks that’s why she totally fell in love with Cookie Butter.

So, I can now understand why everyone is going gaga over this “celebrity” of a spread that costs almost double the price of a regular peanut butter. The jar costs 450 php. Lance looked incredulous because it’s quite expensive. Well, if you’ll calculate it, the regular cost of this (someone told me) is only around 4 dollars or so. But since it has been very in demand, and even TJ’s are having a hard time managing the orders, plus taxes and shipping and such, you could say you’d come up with this same amount so I think it’s pretty understandable.

How about you? are you going to join the Cookie Butter Craze? What’s better? Biscoff or TJ’s? I haven’t tried Biscoff yet but I will soon, after we finish this jar hehehe.

Superman and Toycon this weekend!!
So far, my events have dwindled because I have to be more focused on my kids due to schooldays. Time to play the role as a good mother.

Love yah everyone!



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