Bipolar Weather

The weather is a bit annoying lately. It’s so hot in the afternoons and then It will rain on the evenings. You can just imagine how frustrating to choose an appropriate outfit for the day. It’s chilling cold inside the office too coz I think they’re still fixing the AC since our building is super new. My office mates are now starting to sport that “Rainy Season” look, while here I am painstakingly searching for the perfect outfit everyday, which almost turns into a point that my whole closet looks like it’s been blown by a tornado. Well, almost. Hayst.  I haven’t done any shopping in a while because I need to save, save, save and save for my booked trips!
Guess I need to stop yammering so, here’s our OOTD last Tuesday. I decided to blog my office mates’ outfits so you’d get a clear picture of how bipolar our weather is.


This hot momma over here is Ciela wearing a Burberry  inspired Trench coat. I didn’t get the chance to ask what she’s wearing so I’ll leave it at that.


Mel is wearing a jumpsuit and a “dancer” Tank top bearing the Michael Jackson print. Shoes from Tomato. Don’t know the watch and the spikes bracelet.

As for me, I’ll be posting it in a while. My outfit is just too boring so I’m kind of having second thoughts  If I should post it or not.

Have fun this weekend!




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