Reawakening and Recharging my Soul

I felt I needed to recharge myself. I have forgotten my communication with God. The studies I took from the previous months were only stored in my notebooks but not in my brain. I even asked myself  if I even applied it in my everyday life.
The thing is, I only meditate when I feel stressed, which shouldn’t be the case. If I want to be a yogi, meditation is a necessity, just like eating and bathing.
Yesterday, me along with my friend (who’s a devoted Hare Krishna) decided to  visit  Brahma Kumaris to take a refresher course on positive thinking and Raja Yoga. It’s been a while since I ‘ve stepped into that place. I felt I really needed to recharge my soul.  We studied the beginner course and it’s nice to know I’m sharing this with someone. My friend liked what he learned and he’s now deciding whether he would continue it or not.

We were again taught how to minimize the size of our thoughts, how to master the art of thought patterns, from subconsciousness, to consciousness and making the intellect more dominant.

Anyways, we enjoyed the meditation and we’re looking forward on our next session.

I felt recharged and inspired!


Thought for Today is a book of positive thoughts for a peaceful mind and a contented life.


Meditation CDs.

Let’s self-check ourselves. Meditation is not just for those who are stressed. Our mind needs rest as well. Take a break from all that thinking. Breathe and stay calm. Light those candles. Meditate.

Om Shanti.



2 thoughts on “Reawakening and Recharging my Soul

  1. Brahmakumaris
    32 Qualities of ShivBaba
    01 Self-luminous point of light
    02 The truth, living and blissful being
    03 The image of immortality
    04 Residence of incorporeal
    05 Immune to birth and death
    06 Immune to happiness & sorrow
    07 Ocean of Purity
    08 Ocean of Peace
    09 Ocean of Love
    10 Ocean of Wisdom
    11 Knower of beginning, middle & end of the cosmic world
    12 Knows the depth of karma philosophy
    13 Benefactor of universe
    14 Seed of the human world tree
    15 Source of all virtues
    16 Creator of Trimurti – Brahma, Vishnu & Shankar
    17 Establishes golden aged world through Brahma
    18 Sustain the deity world through Vishnu
    19 Destroys the viscious world through Shankar
    20 Supreme father, teacher & sat-guru
    21 True sermonizer of Gita
    22 Takes the boat of life across
    23 Liberates of all viscious
    24 Liberates from the fear of death
    25 Bestower of divine intellect
    26 Bestower of divine insight
    27 Bestower of Joy
    28 Bestower of Bliss
    29 Remover of sorrow & bestower of happiness
    30 Bestower of liberation and life with liberation
    31 Transforms stone intellect into golden intellect
    32 Transforms ordinary human beings into Sri Narayan

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