Nonya Kaya Jam from Breadtalk

It’s been a while since I’ve made a food review here in this blog so for a change of topic, let me share you what I’ve discovered last week. Have I told you I love breads?  It just so happens that I’m in love with Bread Talk that I always drop by their store before going to work.  Out of my curiosity, I bought this jam called Nonya Kaya Jam which turns out to be just an ordinary coco jam.


Nonya Kaya Jam from Breadtalk

This is not your ordinary coco jam that has that annoyingly sweet taste.

Nonya Kaya Jam from Breadtalk

I just don’t like the color of it. Even my eldest daughter commented on its weird green color. Reminds me of…I don’t know like, I can’t even say it haha but you get it right?

Nonya Kaya Jam from Breadtalk


But don’t get me wrong, it’s really delicious and it’s 0 trans fat  meaning, it’s healthy. Perfect for a vegetarian like me. My kids also loved it. I told them just ignore the color.


The Nonya Kaya Coco Jam of Bread  Talk only costs 120 per jar. Very reasonable price. So moms, you might wanna try it.  Available at all Bread Talk outlets.


Yours truly,




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