The Flormar Terracota Powder #27

Before we finally say goodbye to summer, I wanted to wrap it up with a beauty review for y’all. This makeup can be worn even if it’s rainy season if you want that glow on your face. For me I don’t believe in trends. So, I’d still wear a bronzer even if it’s no longer summer coz I believe that a little bit of that shimmer makes you more glamorous than having a plain, pasty-white face. Of course, it’s just a matter of how much you put on your face so you won’t look like you just dunked your face in a bowl of glitters!

The Flormar Terracota Powder #27

The Flormar Terracota powder 27 is just the right bronzer for me. It’s never too dark, nor too glittery on my face.

The Flormar Terracota Powder #27

I love the durable compact that comes with a mirror.

The Flormar Terracota Powder #27

The Flormar Terracota Powder #27

See that glittery sparkle right there? It’s a nice color and looks very natural. The fine glitters doesn’t make you look too bright or too partyish. Just plain fab.

I believe Flormar is now available at Watson’s. You may want to check it out.

You can never go wrong with makeup. As long as it’s minimal. Being natural is still the best. Of course, never forget to smile.




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