Happy Mother’s Day post. I Know it’s late.

I’ll be greeting everyone a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all of us moms out there. It’s never too late ladies. We’ve got the whole month of May to celebrate. I’ve been in a blogging hiatus for the past few days because as usual, next month is gonna be the opening of school year here in the Philippines so I was busy taking care of my kids enrollment, shopping for school supplies and whatever school stuff you can think of.

Last Mother’s Day we just went out for dinner and watched a movie. It feels so great not being busy on weekends. I decided to give myself a break from all of my blogging events for the meantime and be a “mature” mother for a change. Weh??? Hihihi.


We look cute eh? my kids are shy and snobs that’s why they don’t smile in front of the cameras ( nagmana sakin). You’d only see them smile when they’re playing with their toys and watching dvd’s.

Zoey is wearing this Japanese shirt fron Uniqlo paired with her white laced shorts and floral slip ons from Sugar Kids. I’m wearing my Barbie Uniqlo polka dotted shirt, maroon shorts, tan belt and my Jack Purcell Converse. I’m also wearing my oversized eyeglasses from Forever 21 and of course can’t leave home without my Cotton On clutch which holds my Ipad. Savannah is wearing her white shorts from Gap Kids, red cartoon shirt from SM Kids and rubber shoes from Barbie.

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. Will be posting more I promise. Let me do some meditation first.




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