CLIO Gelpresso waterproof gel liner

Sadly, I didn’t get to attend some of my Fashion Week invites coz your hot momma here has been busy with parenting stuff. It’s really funny how my friends often forgets that I’m a mom already. Maybe because I also tend to forget it myself! I Act like I’m single most of the time and I admit I’m still immature when it comes to a lot of things. You may call me a late bloomer. I’m not the typical teenager that deals with boys and heartaches, I was the type who still play hopscotch at the age of 16, still collect stationeries, play with Play Dough, Barbie and of course collect Lisa Frank stuff. I do love fashion and kikay stuff but I sure hell don’t want someone taking a photo of me wearing anything girly. I think because I feel VERY insecure of myself that time. Sad story I know. But anyway, I don’t wanna bore you with a lot of my crap teen story so moving on, I’d like to share another beauty review to all of you girls, ladies, mommies and bekies out there. This one is another freebie that came from my loot bag given by as a token of appreciation and friendship. Hihihi. This is one of my favorites.

CLIO Gelpresso waterproof gel liner

The Clio Gelpresso liner is smudge- proof and water- proof. I love how it transforms you from boring to fab in just a few seconds after application!

CLIO Gelpresso waterproof gel liner

Thankfully I got mine in purple! Iv’e got a handful of browns and blacks in my kikay kit already so purple naman for a change.

CLIO Gelpresso waterproof gel liner

But of course, you can choose other colors that favors your taste. They have a lot of variants. Just buy all of em if I were you coz you may never know when you’ll bump into your crush or ex so an instant prettifier like this can be quite handy. Just turn your back for a second and swipe this in your lids and face whoever you bumped into and tada…instant glamourosa!

CLIO Gelpresso waterproof gel liner

Don’t fret amigas, this comes with a sharpener.

CLIO Gelpresso waterproof gel liner

This is the swatch of the gel liner. Savvy offered to swipe it that’s why it looks a bit messy. You know how kids are. She thought it’s a colored pencil and was about to draw a flower with it in her writing pad. Oh good Lord!

Tried rubbing it vigorously with my fingers to test if it’s really waterproof and smudge proof and true to their word, it is. So, you really have to be careful with the application because it could give you a hard time removing it.

“>CLIO Gelpresso waterproof gel liner

Youll be as pretty as the model above. Promise!

Kapal ba? hehe

Where to buy? Check out Watson’s. I have to assure you the price doesn’t break the bank.

Hope this review helps!

Your thrifty momma,



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