Close Up Summer Solstice featuring Afrojack and Cedric Gervais

Promises aren’t meant to be broken. True to my word, this is the most awaited pictures taken from the Close Up Summer Solstice event last month. (I know, it’s delayed. Sorry). As I’ve told you last month, we arrived late but we didn’t miss Afrojack and Cedric Gervais! As usual, people are getting into the EDM scene nowadays so I have to say I’m very happy for that. I’ve become a fan really. DIE HARD FANATIC!!!!

 photo 10_zpse80fcdc4.jpg

 photo 1_zpsa854397a.jpg

 photo 2_zpscea68f51.jpg

 photo 3_zpsedfd7816.jpg

To those of you who doesn’t know who Afrojack is, you’re living under a rock (kiddin!!) Well, he’s Nick Van De Wall, a Dutch music producer and a DJ of course. If you heard of the song “Take Over Control” that’s his. He made a collab with Eva Simmons and became very popular in different countries.

 photo 5_zps8237b8be.jpg

 photo 6_zpsba778dd4.jpg

 photo 7_zps6638e81a.jpg

Crowd is so thick. We were literally squeezed by a bunch of american kids, and all of us sweaty, and unglamoruous should I say.

 photo 8_zpsf0f47466.jpg

 photo 9_zpsbdeb93ee.jpg

And…we have Cedric Gervais who played the  famous Summertime Sadnesss by LAna Del Rey with his own mix.

Oh how I love EDM so much 🙂

Hope you try to listen to some. It’s like a drug really. It lifts up your spirits.

Yours truly,



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