Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara

I’ve got another mascara review to share with you guys. I got this one from the BDJ event and it’s  already been used and abused mainly because I ‘ve only got a few mascaras in my makeup kit. I am not a hoarder when it comes to beauty products. I thought it’s just a waste  of money for you can’t use them  all at once and they expire unlike clothes that you can store forever in your closet.

The Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara

The Revlon Custome Eyes

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara

Length and drama

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara

the length and drama brush

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara

length and definition

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara

the length and definition wand

What I like about this is that:

-It’s easy to remove.

-it adds a bit of volume.

What I don’t like:

-It doesn’t really curl my lashes unlike the other mascaras I’ve tried.

-I don’t see much difference with the two functions DRAMA and DEFINITION. Looks to me they both just lengthens without any changes in my lashes.

Have you noticed how the labels are all worn off due to frequent use.  I use this all the time  on top of my Apple mascara and it both works well

Hope you like this review. Up next should be another outfit post for my Fashionista followers. I bought a few pairs of socks and I wanted to blog about it.

See yah this Friday guys.




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