Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue

I can’t afford to be bald at a young age of 32. I naturally have thin hair (hair strands to be specific), and it’s been a problem of mine ever since. I guess because I always have this habit of washing my hair twice, meaning shampooing and conditioning and overdoing it. I’ve known all along it’s not good for the hair coz it strips away its natural oils and could cause hair fall. But being the stubborn, hard-headed person that I am, I ignored random advises. Now the problem became even worse now that I’m a vegetarian. One factor mainly because of the lack of protein that’s why I’ve started taking protein capsules to compensate for the lack of protein in  my system.

I was really thrilled when the loot bag I got carried this hair fall therapy solution!!!

Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue

 Product Description

Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Contains Trichazole with Ginseng & Soy Protein Strengthens hair at the roots to visibly reduce hair fall in 2 weeks** At Dove, We know everyone’s hair is different. That’s why we’ve developed specially tailored ranges – Damage Solutions to repair damaged hair and Nutritive Solutions to nourish dry hair. Dove Hair Fall Rescue intensive Hair Tonic contains Trichazole with Ginseng & Soy Protein to Reduce damage at the roots and lock your hair firmly in place, effectively reducing hair fall due to breakage and strengthens hair at the root. Scientifically proven. Within 2 weeks** you will notice a visible reduction in hair fall as your hair is strengthened at the roots and appears beautifully stronger and full of life. Usage Instructions: – Apply this product on your scalp directly. – Use this product on your clean scalp for better absorption after towel drying. – Break open the flat nozzle cap before using. – Make a series of partings and apply the product directly and evenly to the scalp. – Use your fingers to message for 2-3 minutes to let the lotion penetrate to the root of your hair. Make sure lotion is evenly distributed. so as to be fully absorbed. – Leave on hair. Please do not wash it until your next usual wash. – Use one entire vial each time. – Use at least once every two days for better results. Working with science, Dove gives your hair all the love it needs. Experience the Dove difference
Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue
 It says at the back that you can only use one tube every two days.
Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue
use one tube every 2 days. Twist cap and put it directly on scalp
Twist the cap and put it directly on scalp, then massage and leave it on till your next wash. Use this after you take a shower.
So far, I’ve only used this twice and I’m already seeing results. I make it a point to count the strands of hair in my hairbrush and now I noticed less hair fall. Before I always have like 50 hair strands and now it lessens to about 30 or so.
More beauty reviews. Up next, I’ll be blogging about the awesome mascara I got as freebie too.
Your beauty junkie,



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