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Time to play around with colors!! I decided to wear this Peach colored striped Giordano shirt for dress down fridays at work. Thought of weaing my ever fave necklace from SM accessories.


I’m so thankful I dropped by Bershka!!! I’ve been ignoring that store for almost two weeks because I don’t want to splurge and be impulsive yet cpz payday seems to be a long way ahead of us. When payday finally came, my being an oniomaniac kicked in and my feet seems to have a mind on it’s own and dragged me to that store! Heaven forbid, I couldn’t help but purchase some items! Bought a top, a purse and a tote bag! Don’t you find this tote bag cute? Perfect for shopping. It’s very roomy and you can jus drop whatever stuff you bought without too much trouble. Also perfect for weekends!



Now this purse really caught my attention. I saw some girls crowding over the purse and bag section so I head over and see what the fuss was all about. I initially thought there was a sale but it was actually just the cute bags! Saw this purse and it’s just so perfect for us bloggers! If you’re a blogger, I suggest you buy one for yourself.

Guys, reminder, today is the Club Haze launch party at the Fort. If you’re familiar with the old Embassy that became Encore, that’s where Club Haze is. So, if you aren’t doing anything tonight might as well join in the fun and let’s party!

Sincerely yours,



2 thoughts on “Blog Your Dreams

    1. Thanks!. The necklace was bought at SM accessories and the purse is from Bershka. It’s located at Glorietta 2. You must check it out. They have good stuff there šŸ™‚

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