Richenna Bubble color

I just can’t seem to get the perfect color for my hair this season. In my desperate attempts to copy Alessandra Ambrosio’s hair, I ended up picking the wrong color! I did my research on what her hair color was and found out it’s ash brown. I searched the nearest drugstore(which happens to be Watson’s) and found none. I guess I have to do with other colors so I chose the golden blonde instead. The funny thing is, turns out it’s just about the same color as I had on, what it did was it just enhanced it!!!

Meet one of my fave korean brand, Richenna Bubble Color in Golden Blonde.

Richenna Bubble color

Cute packaging!

Richenna Bubble color

If you check out the chart of colors, I’m supposed to get the color on the first row but ended up on the second one!

Richenna Bubble color

Box consists of the manual, color developer, conditioner, two small bottles of the color formula and the henna solution. It also comes with rubber gloves!

Richenna Bubble color

I love this Bubble type which is so popular in Korea. The difference with bubble type hair colors is that it’s more convenient and very easy to apply. Just massage the foam all over hair and you’ll get the best results! You can even do this all by yourself without worrying whether the color is uneven or not.

Sorry I don’t have before photo but let me show you what it looks like after I colored it!

Richenna Bubble color

The Richenna Bubble Color is available at all Watson’s.

I won’t stop tryng to achieve A.A’s hair!



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